I have graduated from Humanities Institute of TV & Radio Broadcasting in 2015 and from film school INDUSTRY in 2019.

I have always adored cinema. As a child, I had shot my first 8mm film and, after that, I had taken a great interest in photography. I remember the thrilling moment when the result of my work was shown via the home projector, and I found myself in an imaginary universe. At that moment I have realized I wanted to dedicate myself to cinematography.

I love both feature films and Commercials & Clips, and I'm always open to new ideas and experiments. But personally, I prefer to follow the director’s lead, and one of my favorite parts of the job is to plan and prepare the pre-production stage thoroughly. Another thing that attracts me is the process of creating a composition and the light exposure in the scene. In my opinion, setting up the artistic movement in the frame is the main task of the operator.

During my career, I have gained the experience by working in most of the positions in a production crew. In addition, I have been performing my duties at a day job along with the side job of a creative producer at the Moscow Polytechnic Museum. There are also several advertising projects in which I have participated as a director.

I'm always open to new exciting and creative projects.

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